Look What I Found

Some of you may already know this, but I found these awesome Harley Davidson space bags.

So, we had to stop at the Harley dealership this week.  Usually, we just want to stop, but The Biker had to order a part and we were on our way somewhere else, so we stopped.  As he spoke to the parts guy I took a look around.  On a sale table next to the parts counter were these space bags. The had a bulky sweatshirt and a couple other shirts on the table next to the bags and then a bag with those same items inside so you could try out the bags.  So, naturally, I played around with it.  These bags are sweet, they have a handle on them for easy carrying and once all the air is removed from them, they shrink down and carry easily.  

I’ve been trying to find something to put our rain suits in which is both easy to pack and easy to carry.  Our rain suits are heavy and take up a lot of space.  So, I immediately thought I’d put them in a spacebag.  Bonus that it says Harley Davidson on it. 😀

These bags worked awesome and our suits are now easily stored, compact and fit nicely in the bags on either bike. 


This is the side view. Hard to believe The Biker’s rain suit is in there, but it is.  I’m in love with these bags and they were only $19.95!


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