I could eat spaghetti every week!

We’re chatting this week about our favorite foods and, I love spaghetti.  My goodness, I honestly could eat it every week.  As time has worn on, and my waistline has expanded, I needed to make a decision.  Enter the Vegetti.  When I first brought this up to The Biker, I got an eye roll and a groan.  I asked him to try it before deciding he hated it and he reluctantly agreed. 

The result?  He loved it.  He loved it so much he tells everyone about it.  And, we’ve now been replacing our pasta with zucchini in lasagna.  The zucchini, while also being more nutritious  also adds a bit of flavor where pasta has very little.  Added bonus, a half hour after eating, my stomach doesn’t feel like it’s going to explode because the pasta is expanding.  

What’s your favorite food?  


5 thoughts on “I could eat spaghetti every week!”

  1. Zucchini is a huge garden veggie here — they grow large and if you plant a whole envelope of seeds, you could feed a small city with the harvest. People give away zucchini to passing strangers on street corners. So this time a year, we do the same thing, mainly because we have so many zucchini to eat. It’s delicious, though I wish we could spread it out over six months instead of the one month of harvest we get. It’s a great addition to a spaghetii pasta primavera too.

  2. Yes, pasta is a great favourite over here too. I think we call zucchini ‘courgettes’ this side of the pond.

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