Meet Chief

Mr. Fiala and I had a house guest this week. She’s a lovely, six year old German Shepherd. She’s sweet, she’s smart and she listens so danged good.

She came last Friday afternoon. Her family rented a cabin up north and dogs weren’t allowed. So we could get puppy time, we happily took her.

We’ve enjoyed having Chief with us this week. I stare at her often because she’s beautiful. She has funny little mannerisms. She scratches at her shadow on the floor or outside. Then, she barks at it. It’s cute. She settles in nicely for most of the day, but in the morning, she stares at us as we’re drinking coffee because she wants to go for a walk. That’s when she poops, pees and sniffs everything.

She sleeps good at night. Though she moves around, which is normal. But she doesn’t bark and she moves then settles.

Outside we haven’t had to worry, she stays very close. If she spots a rabbit, (she has) she’ll run after it, but as soon as we stay, “Here” she turns and runs right back.

I made a video for her family this week. I know they were missing her and to be honest, she misses them. She sleeps during the day where she can see the door they left out of. But, she doesn’t whine. The video is below.

Chief is leaving today, and I’m sad. But, I know we’ll see her again and she’ll always be welcome in my house. Do you have a pet? I’d love to see pictures.