Rocky Mountain High, part 2

So, we arrived at the house we rented on the vacation rental website, VRBO.  The house is beautiful, the owners had left three messages the day of arrival making sure we were all set and didn’t need anything.  Very accommodating and sweet.  You can check it out here and if you’re in the Winter Park, CO area and want a place to stay, I highly recommend this one.  

We pulled all the bikes into the garage and ordered pizza.  The women selected bedrooms and the men went to the grocery store to pick up food for breakfast and supper the next day.  It all works out if everyone pulls their weight.  

The next day, we left the house at 9:00 a.m. and headed to the Rocky’s and Estes Park.  The Biker’s niece, Andrea, works at Estes Park and she planned a hiking excursion for us.  Keep in mind, we just arrived in Colorado, and most of us were definitely not used to the climate.  I mentioned in my message to her that we were older and not used to the climate.  She planned a 3 mile hike, which by the way, felt like 10 miles.  Up hill.  In 85 degree weather.  Thin air.  Yep, I needed a couple of breaks.

But, it was a beautiful park, great company and we got in some exercise, so bonus.  Andrea was a fabulous tour guide and very knowledgeable about the park, the area and some of the history of it all.  A bit more riding around the area and we found Black Canyon.  Take a look at the back drop of these pictures.