Snowy Day Activities

Open Book StampThis week on Open Book, we’re talking about rainy day activities.  As you can see, I’ve modified mine a bit to be snowy day activities because I live in Wisconsin and we just dug ourselves out of a ten inch snowfall this past weekend.
So, as a writer, snowy day activities for me revolve around writing or reading.  I sadly admit that I don’t get to read as much as I used to, and I miss it.  But I find I usually have so many other things to do that revolve around my business that I can’t sit and read anymore.  That and I’m sadly, extremely biased and critical now when I read books.  I see the little mistakes and the lack of plot, and all that make a good book.
depositphotos_9277175_m-2015That being said, when it snows, I write or if my husband is home, we binge watch television shows, most recently, Deadwood.  I’ll admit I’m a Timothy Olyphant fan and the reason I first wanted to watch Deadwood is because of him, but I love the show and his character.  We enjoy the gritty shows you can only find on cable, and we’ve enjoyed many of them, Breaking Bad (still my husband’s all time favorite), Dexter, Game of Thrones (my favorite), Walking Dead, House of Cards, Shameless (still a favorite) and on and on.
If I’m not writing or watching television, I’m crafting.  I love all sorts of crafts – I paint, I make swag items, jewelry, wreaths, ornaments, I love refinishing furniture and repurposing items.
What do you do when it rains or snows?
Let’s hop on over and see what my fellow hoppers do.

8 thoughts on “Snowy Day Activities”

  1. I found that since I’ve been writing I too find less time to read, and when I do I find myself automatically proof-reading the book, and looking for faults!

  2. Same here. I mostly read non-fiction now that is in some way research for one of my books, but I do try to always have one fiction book going. Currently it’s Terry Brooks Shannara and my teeth grind every time he uses a dialogue tag, which he does a lot.

  3. I either watch shows or movies or lock myself in my room and read and listen to music.
    I love Timothy Olyphant. My favorite show was Justified were he played Raylan Givens US Marshall. Loved his character gonna have to check out Deadwood

    • Yes, Justified is a favorite of mine and I’d love to own the box set! Just loved that series. And I’m also with you on the music thing. We have the stereo on most days.

  4. I try hard to turn off my inner editor when reading a book these days, because I love to read and refuse to give it up. What I have done is become better at refusing to finish a book that doesn’t hold my attention.

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