Survivor – Sheridan, Il Part 4

Continuing our saga from Part 3

We slept fairly well, no running toilet, no doors rattling and, we had coffee in the morning.  Life was good.

We showered and dressed and headed into Sheridan to find a place to eat.  Sheridan is very small, a population of 2,120.  We drove around a few different areas and finally found Main Street.  Not seeing anything that looked like a restaurant, we came to a stop sign and saw a bunch of cars parked in front of a brick building.  The sign on the front said “Cadillac” and we smelled food.  When we walked in, we felt a bit conscious, every one stopped and looked at us.  I waited for someone to say, “You folks ain’t from around here.” but we didn’t get that.  We found a table and sat down.  A waitress came right away and brought us menus and coffee.  Our order was taken and we began to look around.

The check out counter was the front end of a pink Cadillac.  It was so cool.  What do you think?  We had our picture taken in front of it – total tourists.

Our food came out and we ate.  I had peach pancakes and they were good.  Gene loves biscuits and gravy and he ate every bite.

After breakfast, we drove around a bit, saw some neat homes and got a feel for Sheridan.  We headed back to the hotel and took a nap.  We still had some sleep to catch up on before the big presentation. 

At our allotted time, we walked to the center for our 120 minute presentation.  

As you can imagine, the 120 minute presentation lasted 3 full hours, the last of which we were ready to just walk out.  To say it was high pressure is putting it mildly, despite telling them as soon as we sat down that we weren’t buying anything.  Throughout the presentation we told them we weren’t buying anything.  We were transferred to two additional people, and told them immediately that we weren’t buying anything.  The bait and switch didn’t sit well with us.  Gene actually said to one of the gals who was the highest pressure of all, “I feel like I’m trying to break up with you and you don’t get it.”  I started laughing and that seemed to make them understand we weren’t buying anything.

We were finally on the road home, cash in pocket (yes, they did give us our money back – in cash).  All in all, we had an adventure, we weren’t injured in any way, we found the Cadillac, I have a new pair of jeggings and four blog posts.  Could have been worse.  

Do you have a vacation nightmare you’d like to share?  Let’s chat and maybe even have a giggle.  Thank you so much for reading.