Top 10 Movies and Books

This week we’re sharing our top 10 of Movies and Books.  This is always a hard one for me because there are so many and I usually forget some of the movies and/or books I love. But, let’s give it a try.


1:  Still my number one movie of all time is The Sixth Sense. Haley Joel Osmond did such an amazing job in this movie and the twist at the end is jaw dropping. 
2.  A Knight’s Tale. This movie and The Sixth Sense are actually both number one.
3.  Lord of the Rings – the trilogy.
4.  Dirty Dancing.  A feel good story and dancing.
5.  Footloose.  Gosh, the happy feeling when I left the theater the first time. Wow.
6.  ET – aliens, cute kids and a happy ending. You know….
7.  Jaws – well I’m not sure how to explain this one. It was so different at the time and scary too.
8.  Christmas time makes me long for Christmas Vacation.  I’m a Chevy Chase fan from way back when.  The laughs and hi-jinx of this dysfunctional family make me laugh every time.
9.  X-Men – I thought Storm was the coolest character.  Controlling the weather – perfect.
10.  The God Father.  Talk about family dysfunction!  Fredo!  


  1.  LaVyrle Spencer’s Bittersweet
  2. S.C. Stephen’s Thoughtless Trilogy – Gawd, Kellen Kyle, need I say more?
  3. Harry Potter – All of them. I love the fantasy!
  4. S.C. Stephen’s Conversion Series – Vampires with a twist
  5. J. Kenner’s Stark Series – Alpha male meets alpha female!
  6. Lauren Dane’s Brown Siblings Series. Sexy, steamy and excellent characters.  
  7. Sylvia Day – anything Sylvia writes I’ll read and LOVE. 
  8. Maya Banks KGI series.  Love those guys.  
  9.   Jennifer Ashley’s historicals are heavenly.
  10.   Dan Brown’s Davinci Code was fabulous.

Tell me what your favorite books and movies are.

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