Trick or Treat in Sapphire Falls


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Now, on to the Trick or Treating.

TRICK:  Ewere-going-to-make-itnter the Rafflecopter and tell me where you’ve had the most fun trick or treating (can be a place you want to go in the future) and why?

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In the security business things can happen fast – the same is true in the business of love.



Levi Jacobson spent 25 years serving his country in the Army. After his fiancée and the love of his life sent him a Dear John letter telling him she was marrying his best friend, he dug into his career with a vengeance, marching up the ranks to Major, right after vowing to stay away from women. Now retired from the military, and managing his security firm in Sapphire Falls, he can finally spend his days as he wants, earn a bit of money and enjoy small town life.

Sage Reynolds joined the Army at 18 to escape her small hometown and finally live her life as the woman she was – a tomboy. She excelled in everything Army; shooting, interrogation and surveillance. When her father became sick, she found herself back home in the small town she’d left as a teenager. A year later, her father gone, she needs a job and preferably in the big city. Overdue bills and no prospects force her to accept a job in Sapphire Falls for a man who is sexist, obnoxious and terribly attractive.

Levi and Sage need each other, at least as far as business is concerned. But, what about personally?

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10 thoughts on “Trick or Treat in Sapphire Falls”

  1. I remember going around the neighborhood with my friends back in the day and stopping by all my friends’ houses. It was so much fun to get extra treats from their family!

    • Yes, I remember that too and it was extra special when we got a full sized candy bar or a can of soda. We’d go home at night and compare candy.

  2. When I was a kid way back in the old days, trick or treat was a major event. The neighborhood streets would be full of kids and It was like a big party. Then we would go home and dump out our bulging trick or treat bags and marvel at the giant pile of goodies. It was always so hard trying to decide which yummy treat to eat first.

  3. Both my grandmother’s houses. They lived right over the river from each other and their neighborhoods gave out a lot of candy

  4. I was a child in the 60s in a small town – we got home made treats like popcorn balls, caramel apples, brownies.

  5. I live in a small Northern CA town. When my kids were little, our Circle would close off the street and have all the kids parade around in their costumes! Good memories!!

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