What is Miracle Garage?

I’m glad you asked. Miracle Garage is a small garage in Blossom Springs Florida.

Where is Blossom Springs you ask? I’m happy you asked that question too.

Blossom Springs is a new series I’ll be releasing, beginning April 18th (in my shop) and April 25th everywhere else. This series kicks off with Steamy Nights, book one of the Servicemen of Blossom Springs.

The Servicemen of Blossom Springs are all former military friends who end up living and prospering in Blossom Springs. Brought together by their friend, Jace Marriott, who had decided to buy a bar on the beach, these men find peace and love in Blossom Springs.

Steamy Nights is the story of Sid Hoffman and Grace Murphy.

He’s convinced he’s discovered an ideal paradise.
She’s certain she’s found her new beginning…
Together, they must fight to keep their new dreams alive.

Sid Hoffman, has suffered from PTSD since his time in Afghanistan. Inner peace has escaped him for years. Attending a bachelor party in Blossom Springs is a true awakening for him. Buying a garage and spending his days working with his hands has brought him more tranquility than he ever imagined.

Grace Murphy left an abusive relationship to follow her dream of owning short-term rentals. She’s self-sufficient and ready to prove she has what it takes to build a thriving business and healthy life.

When outsiders roll into town and threaten their sanctuary, Sid and Grace join forces and fight to keep Blossom Springs the sanctuary they know it can be. Falling in love is the last thing these opposites were prepared for.

Blossom Springs is a small town on the beach of Blossom Springs Lake, in central Florida. It holds all the charm of beach life, small town life and the people who live there are both grateful and protective of their little slice of paradise.

Do you love small town romances? What’s your favorite thing about them?

If you want to hear about characters and places as I create them, let me know here – https://www.pjfiala.com/i-cant-wait-to-tell-you-about/

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  1. Looking forward to the new series 😊 get writing! 👍although I’ll be in Australia when it’s realised have to wait till I get home 🏡

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