It’s a Miracle!

Last week I mentioned The Servicemen of Blossom Springs and Steamy Nights. Miracle Garage is Sid Hoffman’s garage in Blossom Springs Florida. It all started with Sid visiting Blossom Springs for his friend, Jace Marriott’s bar opening. As Sid strolled down Main Street, he happened upon a little garage, called, The Garage. This garage looked to be in a bit of disrepair, and the old fella who owned the garage, Cooper Wolf, had seen better years. Outside the main garage door sat an old 1936 Knucklehead Harley Davidson. It was in rough shape.

Sid stopped to look at it and Cooper chuckled. Sid asked him about the bike and the old man said, “It was brought in to have repaired after sitting in a barn for years. When I told the owner how much it would cost to fix, he said, “You can keep it.” It’s sat right where it is since that day.”

Sid nodded, squatted and assessed the bike for a while. He said, “I can get it running.” The old fella laughed. “It would be a miracle if you can get that old thing running again. It’s all seized up.”

Sid nodded and grinned. “I’ll show you what a miracle is then.”

The old man laughed. “I’ll tell you what, you fix that old bike and you can have it.” He chuckled as he slid his old thumbs into the front pockets of his bib overalls.

Sid chuckled and stood. He reached his hand out toward the old man. “Shake on it?”

Laughing Cooper shook Sid’s hand, and shook his head. “Good luck. You can use my tools and anything you need inside the garage. Help yourself.”

Thus, Sid now had a project, something he’d been in need of for a long time. Something to keep his mind occupied and PTSD at bay. So began Sid’s Miracle Garage.

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What do you think of the logo for Miracle Garage? Have you had experience with taking a vehicle to a garage? How did that go? I’d love to hear your story.

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