When is it okay to lie?

So, let’s chat about lying.  Is there ever a time when lying is okay?

How about this scenario?  You have two friends, one male, one female. They are dating each other and you care for both of them. 

One day, you catch one of them cheating on the other. Do you tell? Is it lying if you say nothing even though you know what’s going on?  That would be a lie by omission, right? 

Tell me what you think. 

2 thoughts on “When is it okay to lie?”

  1. Nicole OrtizNicole Ortiz

    I would give them the opportunity to tell their partner the truth. If not then I would say something because if it was me I would hope somebody would let me know even though I know it’s hard to hear and your risking your friendship.

    May 2, 2018

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