Wine and Cheese

I’ve mentio8d4de1a2-86c0-4de6-ad4a-b267e5c4646cned this meal in a few blog posts but thought it deserved its very own post. Every couple of weeks, Gene and I like having a simple “finger food” meal. Our favorite is Wine & Cheese.

In the past we used to buy a summer sausage or stick sausage of some kind. Then I began having problems with my tummy and the sausage bothered me.  Gene used the portable rotisserie that we have and cooked a beef roast.  Once it was done, he cut it in quarters and wrapped three of them up and froze them, the last one he sliced very thin and we used that instead of the sausage.  Let me just say, “Sooo, good.”

11ef9c15-607d-4c43-88ef-840eb7c6168aI like hard cheese like parmesan. We slice that thin (I use a potato peeler to get super thin slices). Add another yellow cheese, usually a colby or cheddar.  We always have a wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese (another favorite) and add fruit.  In these pictures we had blackberries.  And finally, we have smoked string cheese cut into smaller inch chunks.  Choose a wine and crackers and we sit on the floor in the living room and eat our meal.  For some reason, I just love picnic style meals!

What would you add to your wine and cheese night?


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    • I don’t think I’ve ever had Gouda. I wasn’t a wine person either until a few years ago. We went to our first tasting and the sommelier helped us find what we liked. Since then – hooked.

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