How did Joci get to where she is now?

All of my characters have a story. Their stories are how they’ve made it to where they are when I write their actual love story. I focus a lot on mature characters. All of my heroes or heroines are in the thirties, most are in their forties and I have a few who are in …

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Big Sale on Big 3 Security Boxset

Grab 4 books for less than a dollar. Only .99 cents for four books! Sale for a limited time only. Amazon – Bold, smart and sure of themselves – the men of Big 3 Security. Sassy, sophisticated and not willing to settle – the women they fall in love with. Together they are impressive, …

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I’m Moving On

The final story in the Rolling Thunder series, Moving On, has gone to my editor. In December, Moving On will release and except for edits now, I’m also moving on – – to other stories. 🙂 (See what I did there?) Last month I shared Chapter One with you, today, I’m sharing Chapter Two. I’d …

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Belgian Waffles

If you follow me you know we do family dinner every Saturday or Sunday, which ever works out best for everyone’s schedules. Last week for family dinner, we also celebrated Alex’s (second son) birthday. The birthday person always gets to pick their meal and dessert and Alex picked grilled chicken breasts and Belgian Waffles. Right? …

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Defending Keirnan

I’m super excited to share with you that Defending Keirnan, GHOST Prequel, is now up for preorder. I’ll start by saying that my cover reveal for this book, sadly, didn’t happen this time around with big fanfare and I have a good excuse. I think it’s good anyway. I hired a business manager this year, …

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I have a new logo!

I had my logo revised to better reflect me and my brand and I think it turned out simply fantastic. Simple. Classy. Wow. What do you think, tell me in the comments.