Defending Bridget

Defending Bridget, GHOST Book five released today and I couldn’t be prouder.

I’ve had this book loosely plotted for more than a year as I’ve written my way through GHOST and it was hard not to share all the things that were going to happen to Axel and Bridget. I mean HARD. But I’m happy I didn’t share them because it makes Defending Bridget that much better.

Axel is an amazing man. He’s shared in the happiness and sadness with his friends, never complaining or whining, just going about his business, even though he longed for more. You’ve got to admire a man like that. I do.

Bridget is strong, independent and capable and she’s really a woman I’d love to know. Raising her son alone while also building a business teaching other women how to defend themselves – now that’s a woman to admire.

Put the two of them together and wow, they are a force.

I’m not sure if anyone really knows what it takes to release a book baby into the world. Mostly organization of key tasks and that organization is what makes or breaks a release. From beginning to end, there are so many steps involved in the whole book, and I’d love to take a moment now to thank everyone who has had a part in helping me release this book.

📗 It all started with cover design and I’d like to shout out to Becky McGraw of Cover Me Designs for the stunning covers she created for my GHOST series. Becky, you are an amazing designer and I’ve enjoyed working with you so much – thank you.

🌹 My PA, Julie Collier, for keeping me on task, and creating many of the teasers we’ve been sharing over these past few weeks. Julie also offers great ideas, she’s professional in all things and she’s a joy to work with. Julie, lady, thank you so much.

🌺 Marijane Diodati, my editor, who from the beginning has kept these characters close to her heart and has helped me polish the rough stone into a diamond with her talents. Thank you Marijane, you went above and beyond to help me bring Axel and Bridget to life.

🏍 PJ Fiala’s Road Queens, my wonderful, beautiful reader group. Ladies, I bow to you for all you do to help get the word out about my books. I love you and enjoy our daily posts and our weekly lives. Thank you ladies for all you’ve done for me. ❤️

❤️ Of course my family – Gene and the kids and grandkids, you all inspire me to be better and I love you for it. Thank you so very much.

Anyway, I wanted to share Axel and Bridget with you and I hope you’ll be encouraged to buy your own copy of Defending Bridget, because from what I’m hearing from advance readers, it’s a winner and what I feel in my heart, it’s a keeper.

Defending Bridget

What happens when the past doesn’t stay in the past?

Axel Dunbar was devastated when his former girlfriend aborted their child. Needing an outlet for his anger and frustration, the Army became his salvation. Eight years later GHOST came calling and Axel jumped with both feet into the often times murky world of cleaning up others’ messes.

Bridget Byrnes is Army strong, an expert markswoman and a wounded veteran. After a chance encounter with a sexy stranger left her pregnant, and locating her baby’s father proved fruitless, Bridget set out to be the best mom she could be. Until a meeting with a friend five years later brings her face to face with the man she’d never thought to see again.

With a madman bent on revenge for the GHOST team, Axel’s world is thrust into chaos as he fights to save the son he’s only just discovered—and the woman he’s come to love—from the evil that lurks all around them.

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