Did you read Saving Shelby?

RAPTOR officially kicked off a month ago today. So much has happened in that time it seems like so much longer ago. It’s true when they say that time marches on, it certainly does.

Saving Shelby was my best release to date and I can’t thank those of you who read it enough. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s so heartwarming to have a book that you’ve written, sweated through, lost sleep over and mulled over for so long to be released out into the world and then to have it received with such praise.

Here’s what readers are saying about Saving Shelby.

“I truly adored reading this book!
It’s a great start to this new series.
After the sudden disappearance
of her sister, Stacey, Shelby’s
instincts pointed to the
Brother-In-Law as the reason.
Because of it, Shelby, would do
anything to protect her niece and nephew.
This thrilling, moving, sexy
& suspenseful romance captivated
me from the first page to the last.
Great characters and storyline.
You will fall in love with
Diego, Shelby, Callie & Anders.”
A PAGE-TURNER! – Doni (Goodreads)

“Do you want a story that gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling? But also has suspense, desire, and danger? Then Saving Shelby is for you!! What a great start to the new RAPTOR series..Diego and Shelby are two broken souls, but together they are AMAZING.. Add in two gorgeous kids and a therapy dog and you get a family that were definitely meant to be together..this was such a good read, has a great storyline and characters that are just so relatable, there aren’t a lot of sex scenes, this is more of a slow burn and I found that refreshing, I cannot wait to read the next book in this series Holding Hadleigh.” – Jo West (Goodreads)

“I was so lucky the day i found this author and read her GHOST series. This is a new series called RAPTOR and let me tell you that P.J. Fiala did not disappoint it was absolutley great 5 stars does not seem like enough. This series is actually a spin-off of the GHOST series and we meet Diago and Shelby, it has everything that you could want it has a Happily ever after it is a steamy romance and it has the action and suspense that you have come to love from her books. I highly recommend this book and i also want to tell you that if you have not read this author it is your loss cause she is great.” – Sharon Roush (Goodreads)

A month from tomorrow, Holding Hadleigh, book two in the RAPTOR series will release! I’m getting excited for it too. I hope you love Donovan and Hadleigh as much as you loved Diego and Shelby.

Then, of course, there’s Ted. You guys, I received so many emails and messages about Ted! Readers love Ted. I didn’t expect that at all.

Thank you dear readers once again for the love you’ve shown to Saving Shelby. ❤️