What’s Lincoln’s story?

Lincoln is the second book in my Big 3 Security series. When I wrote Lincoln Winters, he was already larger than life in my mind. I could easily picture the handsome, dark haired, blue eyed man. He’s smart – always thinking ahead and planning what needs to be done next, especially when it comes to his job. Life as an Army Ranger taught him that. If you don’t go in smart, sometimes you don’t come out. Lincoln always wanted to come out. He wanted his friends and comrades to come out too.

Lincoln had never married before he met Skye. His jobs were always dangerous and he didn’t think it was fair to bring someone into his life knowing there could be dark times ahead. But, Skye was magnetic to him. Sometimes, you get what you get in life when God decides to give it and not a second before. That’s how it was for Lincoln. When the time is right, lightening will strike. He saw a smart, beautiful woman who had gotten in over her head and then found herself in a dangerous situation. Being the man Lincoln is, he wasn’t going to walk away. She was someone in need and on top of that, she was irresistible to him.

Lincoln’s story is one of a life of purpose lived and finally shared with an incredible woman who loves him even with all of this bumps and bruises. If you haven’t read Lincoln, you’ll learn that he can’t stay away from a mission left undone or a friend in need.

Lincoln, Big 3 Security Book Two

A former Ranger determined to take down a criminal.
An eyewitness to a gruesome murder.
And the mark they make on each other’s lives.

Illegal weapons, vicious killings, and art heists are just the beginning of the crimes Lincoln Winters is about to solve.  Hot on the trail of perilous criminals, he comes face to face with the stunning and feisty HR manager of a company possibly embroiled in it all.  Suspect or victim?  Lincoln will do whatever it takes to uncover the truth.

Witnessing a murder turns Skye Sommers’ dream job into a nightmare.  Now, she’s a suspect, but she could easily be the next victim.  Her only hope is to trust the sexy Ranger determined to protect her.  Together, can they find their mark before it’s too late?

Lincoln is available at all vendors’ sites. https://www.pjfiala.com/books/lincoln/

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