Securing Kiera’s Love

Last week I told you about Designing Samantha’s Love (see that post here). This week, I wanted to tell you a bit about Securing Kiera’s Love. These are the only two books in the Second Chances series and it’ll stay that way. Why? Well the best explanation I can come up with is that these books were written at a time I was finding my way. Therefore, I didn’t set this world up in a way that it can continue. At least not in my mind.

But, these books are still special to me and close to my heart for a number of reasons. I often write about second chances because there are so many kinds of them. In Grayson and Samantha’s story, it’s their second chance at finding a lasting love. But, in Kiera and David’s case, it’s their chance to rekindle a love so strong that the glowing embers of love stayed hot until it was time to rage into an inferno.

Gene and I often talk about how many couples we know who are living their second chance. Our best friends have been married, then divorced and are now remarried to each other. They are living their own real second chance. We have 4 other friend couples who are in the same situation – reliving their own second chance after their first chance went wrong. It seems to be prevalent in our family too, as my son and daughter-in-law have been married, divorced and are now remarried. Second chances really happen.

For David and Kiera, their second chance took a long time to happen. But, that’s a story for you to read about – I don’t want to spoil it.

Do you know anyone living their real life second chance? Let me know about it, these stories are always so interesting.

In the meantime, pick up Securing Kiera’s Love at your favorite vendor.

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  1. Loved this book! One of the first ones I read by you. I was hoping we would get a Jamie and Jesse book!

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