Do You #@$%&** ?

#@$%&** This week we’re talking about swearing. We are hearing more and more swearing in television, movies, books and the like. What are your thoughts on this topic?

You know, swearing is everywhere. Even network television has a swear word here and there.  I remember when I first heard a swear word I TV. I couldn’t believe that it was allowed.  That being said, it’s almost as if I don’t hear it anymore.  It’s just part of everyday life.  Gene and I are bikers, and going to a rally or even a charity ride, the F-bombs float through the air as much as the smell of exhaust and the rumble of the motorcycles.  It simply turns into white noise.

When I looked on the internet for pictures of swearing, there were pages and pages of options.  Older people, children giving the finger, comedians, and comic memes.  

I’m conscious of my language when my grandchildren are around, but I’ll admit, I don’t curb my language at home.  Depending on my mood, sometimes its much better than other times.  I don’t really have an opinion one way or another, there are so many other bad habits people can have and over all, this one seems tame compared to others.  If a person swears it doesn’t harm anyone, unless they are swearing at you and being derogatory and hurtful.   I’d much rather be around someone who swears than someone who smokes cigarettes.  And, I’d much rather be around someone who swears rather than someone who is obnoxious or whiny.  I don’t do whiny.  Period.

What do you think?  Comment below.  Then, let’s hop on over and see what Lela Markham thinks about swearing.

Here’s a bit about Lela.

I write several genres — fantasy, dystopian, young adult, and (as a blogger) philosophy, politics, and theology. Everything non-fiction I write is a work of opinion — mine. People can agree with me or disagree with me; they can even agree with me partially and argue the finer points. That’s how liberty works. In the market place of ideas, we all get to shoot our mouths off and try to influence each other. There is truth and the truth can set us free, if we will let it. Dogma – scientific, religious, political –rarely leads to truth. I’m a born again evangelical Christian. Accept my faith or don’t. I know how it works out in the end and your opinion about God’s non-existence won’t impress Him much. To me, a dogma is something an “expert” sets forth and you take in unexamined and unchallenged, which is very definitely NOT how I came to the Lord. You want to argue it? Go for it. Politically, I’m all over the map — a non-partisan in the conservative end of the wading pool, but with libertarian and anarchist leanings. I like the US Constitution and think we ought to dust it off and read it sometime, maybe even start following it again. My allegiance to Alaska comes before my American citizenship. I share this in common with other esteemed Americans like John Adams. Don’t expect me to wave the American flag, because America as she is now is not even close to what she ought to be. Want to argue it? Go for it. Nothing I write should ever be construed as promoting violence toward others. Although I have strong opinions that sometimes may encourage out-of-the- box thinking and energetic action, I am calling for non-violent reform, not blood in the streets — EVER. If your idea of intelligence is walking in lock-step with “the experts” or a political party or a rigid ideology, you probably won’t agree with me. That’s okay. Just keep the duct tape handy and try not to get any brain matter on the screen.

Jan. 18 – Jan. 24, 2016 – #@$%&** There is more and more swearing in television, movies, books and the like. What are your thoughts on this topic?


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