Halloween Fun

Open Book StampWelcome to Open Book Blog Hop and Romance on Wheels.  This week, we’re talking about Halloween.  Traditions, feelings and/or memories.

Memories are bittersweet for me.  I grew up in a suburb of St. Louis, Mo., and we had free reign as kids and Halloween.  My brother and I left the house as soon as it was dark and we stayed out until the houses stopped handing out candy.  We walked blocks and blocks without fear.  There were usually a bunch of neighborhood kids with us and it was fun.

The sad part comes in when I remember my kids and now my grandkids don’t have that freedom.  I’m not certain that the world is less safe as it was back then, but we didn’t have access to the information back then that we do now.  So, my kids only trick or treated with either my husband or myself following them from house to house.  My grandkids are the same, always accompanied by a parent.  Which is good.  The carefree days of running with friends, having a great time without fear.

halloween-as-1920s-gangstersOn the fun side, each year friends of ours, Todd and Lynn Smits, have a Halloween party and over the years, we’ve had some fun costumes.  Take a look at a few of them:  Roaring 20s a few years ago.

captain-and-coke Then we were Captain and Coke one year, that was fun.  We also see some fun costumes and getting to put a creative hat on in a different form is invigorating for me.

This year Todd and Lynn’s theme was Crazy Carnival.  Now, I hate clowns and I worried that we’d be walking into a clown convention and I’d be creeped out all night, especially with all of the clown nonsense going on in our state lately.  Which we did.  Too many clowns in one form or another.  So, we had to come up with something that said carnival or close.

We came up with Siegfried and Roy.  What do you think?  The picture is a bit dark and we were in our Siegfried and Roy pose, but we didn’t have a hard time using the restroom and having a drink.  2016

What did you dress up like for Halloween?  Share a picture of your costume and then hop over and see what some of my fellow hoppers have to say about Halloween.

10 thoughts on “Halloween Fun”

  1. Costuming is my favorite part of Halloween. We won’t be doing anything this year because my husband is out of town and the teenager has a “hot date” with a bouldering wall at the local gym, but I remember raiding my former sister-in-law’s costume closet. We were the Fruit-o-the-Loom bunch one year … crayons another — I was a black cat — Tinkerbell — my favorite is a gypsy.

  2. I haven’t dressed up for years. Perhaps that’s because it feels like I’m putting on a costume every day when I get dressed for work!

  3. Great costumes Patti! The last time I dressed up was when I was 21, as depicted in my blog this week.

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