I believe I’m a Matchmaker

During the writing of my Rolling Thunder series I thought about JT. He was a character who didn’t speak to me often during the writing of the rest of the series. I now think that was because I hadn’t met Kayden yet. Once I had Kayden’s name (my reader group, PJ Fiala’s Road Queens named her), then suddenly JT came to life. Was he waiting for her just like he was waiting for her in his life? I think so.

Kayden came to me almost immediately after I had her name. I knew she was strong, vibrant, and had a murky past. I knew she was beautiful yet somewhat damaged from past hurts. And I knew she was a single mom, all in an instant. And, I knew that she and JT would be perfect together. So, in a way, I’m a matchmaker. That’s a nice way to think of a romance writer, we’re matchmakers. Some of us make the perfect match on the battlefield. Some in the past. Some in the future, but all of us make matches filled with all the dirty, swoony parts that go into joining two people together.

Moving to You ended with the incredibly necessary HEA, but after I’d wrapped it up, I still felt there was more to say. JT and Kayden’s story wasn’t complete.

So, I wrote Moving Home. That was JT and Kayden’s journey to wrapping up her father’s ugly dealings and coming home. Which, of course, wasn’t the easy way to come home. That would be boring. But, let’s just say, in the end, everyone is happy. How that happens is for you to find out.

Moving to You-US

Moving to You -UK

Moving Home – US

Moving Home – UK

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