Magic Chili

My PA, Tessa, has been struggling with Thyroid issues for some time.  One of her remedies is to keep her diet healthy but still delicious.  She sent me this recipe as she said it’s surprisingly good too.  So, let me know your thoughts, and I’ll be giving it a try myself.  



Magic Chili
Mickey Trescott is a cook and one of the bloggers behind Autoimmune Paleo. After recovering from her own struggle with both Celiac and Hashimoto’s disease, adrenal fatigue, and multiple vitamin deficiencies, Mickey started to write about her experience to share with others and help them realize they are not alone in their struggles. She is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner by the Nutritional Therapy Association, and is the author of The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook, a guide and recipe book for the autoimmune protocol, and AIP Batch Cook, a video-based batch cooking program. You also can find her on Instagram.
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Prep Time
15 min
Cook Time
45 min
Prep Time
15 min
Cook Time
45 min
2313 calories
118 g
561 g
128 g
174 g
54 g
2339 g
5318 g
37 g
8 g
54 g
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size
Amount Per Serving
Calories 2313
Calories from Fat 1146
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 128g
Saturated Fat 54g
Trans Fat 8g
Polyunsaturated Fat 4g
Monounsaturated Fat 50g
Cholesterol 561mg
Sodium 5318mg
Total Carbohydrates 118g
Dietary Fiber 32g
Sugars 37g
Protein 174g
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
  1. Ingredients
  2. • 1 tablespoon solid cooking fat (coconut oil, lard, tallow, duck fat)
  3. • 1 large onion, chopped
  4. • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  5. • 4 cups bone broth
  6. • 2 parsnips, chopped into 1½-inch pieces (about 2 cups)
  7. • 3 carrots, chopped into 1½-inch pieces (about 2 cups)
  8. • 1 large beet, grated (about 2 cups)
  9. • 2 tablespoons fresh oregano, minced
  10. • 1 teaspoon onion powder
  11. • ½ teaspoon sea salt
  12. • ½ teaspoon garlic powder
  13. • ⅛ teaspoon cinnamon
  14. • 2 pounds grass-fed ground beef
  15. • a few parsley sprigs, for garnish
  1. 1. Heat the solid cooking fat in a heavy-bottomed pot on medium-high heat. When the fat has melted and the pan is hot, add the onions, and cook, stirring for 7 minutes, or until the onions are translucent. Add the garlic and cook another 3 minutes.
  2. 2. Add the bone broth, parsnips, carrots, grated beet, and all of the spices except for the parsley. Bring to a boil, turn down to a simmer, and cook, covered, for 20 minutes.
  3. 3. Meanwhile, brown the ground beef in a skillet over medium high heat, being sure to stir it occasionally so that it is browned evenly.
  4. 4. Add the ground beef to the vegetables and simmer, covered, for another 15 minutes.
  5. 5. Serve garnished with fresh parsley.
Adapted from Autoimmune Wellness
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