Defending Sophie, GHOST Book One
Defending Roxanne, GHOST Book Two
The Bounty Hunters

The Bounty Hunters are a group of men who served together in the Army and have decided to wipe the dirt from the streets the old fashioned way – by hand.

Rolling Thunder Series

Separately they had dreams; Together they made them come true.

Rolling Thunder Series Books 1-3
Moving to Love
Moving to Hope
Moving to Forever
Moving to Desire
Moving to You
Moving Home
Bluegrass Security
Heart Thief, Bluegrass Security Series, Book One
Finish Line, Bluegrass Security Book Two
Lethal Love, Bluegrass Security Book Three
Second Chance Series

How far would you go for your second chance at love?

Designing Samantha’s Love
Securing Kiera’s Love




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Dodge Sager is on a mission to retrieve the enormous pink diamond stolen from his client. His company depends on it. Just when he’s close, a dark haired meddling, gorgeous woman gets in his way.

Jax Masters is out to avenge her brother’s death and no one will stop her from doing so. Just as she gets close to the man responsible, a big giant of a man gets in her way. Now she finds herself stuck helping him before she can exact her revenge.

Will Dodge and Jax get in each other’s way allowing their prey to escape or will they realize they love each other and work together?

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Defending Sophie, GHOST Book One

Defending Sophie, GHOST Book One

eBook: $3.99


Accused of murder and on the run, Sophie must turn to the one man she could never have.

Investigating her friend’s suspicious death, Sophie’s only source of information turns up dead - and she’s the prime suspect.  Forced into hiding, she turns to her brother’s best friend to help keep her alive, clear her name, and find the killer before she becomes the next victim.

 Gaige has longed for Sophie for years, and he'd do anything to keep her safe, but details of the investigation aren’t adding up.  Mounting doubts have him questioning her story, even as his heart insists she's telling the truth. The only thing he knows for sure is he'll do anything to prove her innocence, but will it cost him his career?

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Defending Roxanne, GHOST Book Two

Defending Roxanne, GHOST Book Two

Secrets and lies have become deadly.

While investigating the murder of her parents, Roxanne Bowman encounters more than she ever thought she would. The secrets that both of her parents kept knock her off kilter. Finding an intruder in their home afterwards changes her life forever.

GHOST operative, Hawk Delany is back in the swing of things after being shot while working a case. Sent to Washington D.C. to investigate the murder of a foreign dignitary, and an American couple with ties to deadly secrets, places him in a precarious position, between the fight to help solve the murders and to keep his heart from theft by the lovely Roxanne.

Don't miss this exciting, fast-paced story from PJ Fiala and the second installment of GHOST.


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