Big 3 Security

When the job requires brawn, brains and badasses, Big 3 Security is the team you need.

Ford: Finding His Fire
Lincoln: Finding His Mark
Dodge: Finding His Jewel
Rory: Finding His Match
Big 3 Security Boxset 1-3
Big 3 Security Audiobooks

Listen to your favorite Big 3 Security books on audio.

Ford: Finding His Fire Audio
Lincoln: Finding His Mark Audiobook
Dodge: Finding His Jewel Audiobook
Rory: Finding His Match Audio


When the only team that can handle the job, is the one that doesn’t exist.

Defending Keirnan: GHOST Book One
Defending Sophie, GHOST Book Two
Defending Roxanne, GHOST Book Three
Defending Yvette, GHOST Book Four
Defending Bridget, GHOST Book Five
Defending Isabella, GHOST Book Six
GHOST Audiobooks
Defending Keirnan Audiobook
Defending Sophie
Defending Roxanne Audiobook
Defending Yvette Audiobook
Defending Bridget Audiobook
Defending Isabella


RAPTOR – Revenge And Protect Team Operation Rogue
When the constraints of law and order protect the criminals more than the victims, RAPTOR is the team to call.

Saving Shelby
Holding Hadleigh
Craving Charlesia
Promising Piper
Missing Mia
Believing Becca
Keeping Kori
Healing Hope
Engaging Emersyn

Bluegrass Security

Small towns aren’t always quaint and boring, that’s why Bourbonville needs Bluegrass Security.

Heart Thief, Bluegrass Security Series, Book One
Finish Line, Bluegrass Security Book Two
Lethal Love, Bluegrass Security Book Three
Wrenched Fate, Bluegrass Security, Book Four

Rolling Thunder Series

Separately they had dreams; Together they made them come true.

Rolling Thunder Series Books 1-3
Moving to Love
Moving to Hope
Moving to Forever
Moving to Desire
Moving to You
Moving Home
Moving On

Second Chance Series

How far would you go for your second chance at love?

Designing Samantha’s Love
Securing Kiera’s Love

Box Sets
Rolling Thunder Series Books 1-3
Big 3 Security Boxset 1-3
Craving Charlesia

Craving Charlesia

A female operative with a point to prove.
A seasoned cop with a case to solve.
And the passion that ignites.

RAPTOR operative Charlesia Sampson is no damsel in distress. Surviving an explosion in the Army gave her more grit than glory, and now she’ll destroy anyone who tries to hold her back. Dangerous missions are her forte. But when she’s found at a murder scene, everything changes.

Finding Charly at the murder scene was difficult for Sam Bowers. But when the truth comes to light, Sam sees Charly differently. Together, they’re determined to uncover the murderer and find a missing child--all while denying their need for one another.

One thing is certain: the sexy detective is CRAVING CHARLESIA.

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Promising Piper

Promising Piper

Releasing January 27, 2022

A female operative who hunts down pedophiles.
A football star with everything to lose. 
And a game that threatens to tear it all apart.

Piper Dillon knows that one wrong move can change your life. The threatening shrapnel near her spine is a constant reminder. Retraining to be a RAPTOR operative gave her some new plays as a cyber intelligence expert. Now, she has the chance to return to the field doing what she now feels she was born to do – end sex trafficking.

Royce Rowan has it all, good looks, charm, personality, gaggles of reporters following him around, the greatest throwing arm to ever grace a football field and throngs of beautiful women wanting to climb into his bed. All except Piper, who wants nothing to do with that lifestyle. Yet, she does want him to risk it all to help her in her quest to bring down a couple of his teammates. He hasn’t worked so hard all these years to toss it all away. But to save Piper’s life, he may have to play the game like never before.


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Lincoln: Finding His Mark

Lincoln: Finding His Mark

$17.99eBook: $3.99

A former Ranger determined to take down a criminal.
An eyewitness to a gruesome murder.
And the mark they make on each other's lives.

Illegal weapons, vicious killings, and art heists are just the beginning of the crimes Lincoln Winters is about to solve.  Hot on the trail of perilous criminals, he comes face to face with the stunning and feisty HR manager of a company possibly embroiled in it all.  Suspect or victim?  Lincoln will do whatever it takes to uncover the truth.

Witnessing a murder turns Skye Sommers' dream job into a nightmare.  Now, she's a suspect, but she could easily be the next victim.  Her only hope is to trust the sexy Ranger determined to protect her.  Together, can they find their mark before it's too late?  

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