GHOST Legacy

GHOST Legacy follows the children of GHOST operatives in this steamy, second generation, small-town protector romance.

Finding Lara
Saving Elena
Rescuing Kenna
Protecting Everleigh
Guarding Adelaide
Shielding Maya
Needing Shianne
GHOST Legacy Audiobooks
Finding Lara Audiobook
Saving Elena Audiobook
Rescuing Kenna Audiobook
Protecting Everleigh Audiobook
Guarding Adelaide Audiobook

Lynyrd Station Protectors - Security

When the job requires brawn, brains and badasses, Lynyrd Station Protectors – Security is the team you need.

Finding His Fire
Finding His Mark
Finding His Jewel
Finding His Match
Lynyrd Station Protectors - Security Audiobook

Listen to your favorite Lynyrd Station Protectors – Security books on audio.

Finding His Fire Audiobook
Finding His Mark Audiobook
Finding His Jewel Audiobook
Finding His Match Audiobook

Lynyrd Station Protectors - Special Ops

When the only team that can handle the job, is the one that doesn’t exist.

Defending Keirnan
Defending Sophie
Defending Roxanne
Defending Yvette
Defending Bridget
Defending Isabella
Lynyrd Station Protectors - Special Ops Audiobooks

Listen to your favorite GHOST books on audio.

Defending Keirnan Audiobook
Defending Sophie Audiobook
Defending Roxanne Audiobook
Defending Yvette Audiobook
Defending Bridget Audiobook
Defending Isabella Audiobook


RAPTOR – Revenge And Protect Team Operation Rogue
When the constraints of law and order protect the criminals more than the victims, RAPTOR is the team to call.

Saving Shelby
Holding Hadleigh
Craving Charlesia
Promising Piper
Missing Mia
Believing Becca
Keeping Kori
Healing Hope
Engaging Emersyn
RAPTOR Audiobooks

Listen to your favorite RAPTOR books on audio.

Saving Shelby Audiobook
Holding Hadleigh Audiobook
Craving Charlesia Audiobook
Promising Piper Audiobook
Missing Mia Audiobook
Believing Becca Audiobook
Keeping Kori Audiobook
Healing Hope Audiobook
Engaging Emersyn Audiobook

Bluegrass Security

Small towns aren’t always quaint and boring, that’s why Bourbonville needs Bluegrass Security.

Heart Thief
Finish Line
Lethal Love
Wrenched Fate
Bluegrass Security Audiobooks

Listen to your favorite Bluegrass Security books on audio.

Heart Thief Audiobook
Finish Line Audiobook
Lethal Love Audiobook
Wrenched Fate Audiobook

Rolling Thunder Series

Separately they had dreams; Together they made them come true.

Moving to Love
Moving to Hope
Moving to Forever
Moving to Desire
Moving to You
Moving On

Second Chance Series

How far would you go for your second chance at love?

Designing Samantha’s Love
Securing Kiera’s Love

Box Sets
Strength & Honor: Stories To Help Stop Military Suicide
GHOST Legacy Box Set One
Lynyrd Station Protectors – Security Boxset 1-3
Lynyrd Station Protectors – Special Ops Box Set 1
GHOST Box Set 2
RAPTOR Box Set One
RAPTOR Box Set Two
Rolling Thunder Boxset One
Rolling Thunder Box Set Two
Box Set Audiobooks
RAPTOR Box Set One Audiobook
Guarding Adelaide
GHOST Box Set 2
Lynyrd Station Protectors – Special Ops Box Set 1
Finding His Fire Audiobook
Finding His Fire
Finish Line
Finish Line Audiobook
Finding Lara
Finding Lara Audiobook
Engaging Emersyn
Engaging Emersyn Audiobook
Finding His Jewel Audiobook
Finding His Jewel
Designing Samantha’s Love