Big 3 Security

When the job requires brawn, brains and badasses, Big 3 Security is the team you need.

Big 3 Security Boxset 1-4
Ford: Finding His Fire
Lincoln: Finding His Mark
Dodge: Finding His Jewel
Rory: Finding His Match


When the only team that can handle the job, is the one that doesn’t exist.

Defending Keirnan: GHOST Book One
Defending Sophie, GHOST Book Two
Defending Roxanne, GHOST Book Three
Defending Yvette, GHOST Book Four
Defending Bridget, GHOST Book Five
Defending Isabella, GHOST Book Six


RAPTOR – Revenge And Protect Team Operation Rogue
When the constraints of law and order protect the criminals more than the victims, RAPTOR is the team to call.

Saving Shelby
Holding Hadleigh
Craving Charlesia
Promising Piper
Missing Mia
Believing Becca
Keeping Kori
Healing Hope
Engaging Emersyn

Bluegrass Security

Small towns aren’t always quaint and boring, that’s why Bourbonville needs Bluegrass Security.

Heart Thief, Bluegrass Security Series, Book One
Finish Line, Bluegrass Security Book Two
Lethal Love, Bluegrass Security Book Three

Rolling Thunder Series

Separately they had dreams; Together they made them come true.

Rolling Thunder Series Books 1-3
Moving to Love
Moving to Hope
Moving to Forever
Moving to Desire
Moving to You
Moving Home
Moving On

Second Chance Series

How far would you go for your second chance at love?

Designing Samantha’s Love
Securing Kiera’s Love

Box Sets
Rolling Thunder Series Books 1-3
Big 3 Security Boxset 1-4
Defending Yvette, GHOST Book Four

Defending Yvette, GHOST Book Four

$17.99eBook: $4.99

A GHOST operative who's badass and strong.
An innocent woman who knows too much.
And the mission that threatens them all....

Inquisitive and friendly Yvette Jacobson uncovers too much. She fears she must find sanctuary--or never live to tell the tale. But with nowhere to go and nobody to trust, Yvette makes a call that changes everything.

GHOST operative Wyatt Lawson loves his job. He'll do anything for his boss--especially when the mission includes a sexy and irresistible woman. Saving the terrified Yvette from a monster determined to destroy her is his top priority. Teaching her to protect herself is the only option as this enemy will stop at nothing until Yvette can't tell the secrets she's harboring. But falling for Yvette just may be the best perk of the job Wyatt loves. And none of that matters until he can safely DEFEND YVETTE.  

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Defending Keirnan: GHOST Book One

Defending Keirnan: GHOST Book One

$17.99eBook: $4.99

A former special forces operative.
A teacher with a love for literature.
Together, they fight for the fairytale...

Single father, Dane Copeland focuses only on his daughter and his career as a special operative with the Army.  But when he meets the intriguing and impassioned teacher, Keirnan Vickers, Dane suddenly wants and needs more.

With a bleeding heart, Keirnan will do anything to help others.  Getting the local library repaired and replenished with more books is her current goal.  Meeting the mysterious and sexy single father opens her eyes to a world more adventurous than any novel she's ever read.  

But when enemies from Keirnan's past come back and threaten everything she's worked for, Dane will do anything to protect her. With time running out and Keirnan in grave peril, the special ops agent is hellbent on giving her the storybook dream. Will  DEFENDING KEIRNAN be his most dangerous mission, yet?  

Don't miss this page-turning, fast-paced story from PJ Fiala and the prequel to GHOST.

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Rory: Finding His Match

Rory: Finding His Match

$15.99eBook: $2.99

He's a relentless detective.
She's a fiery DEA.
Together, the sparks ignite--all over again.

Lead detective Rory Richards is buried in drugs--and he's hellbent on ridding his town of the criminals destroying his streets. During a perilous shootout, Rory ducks into an alley, coming face-to-face with the only woman he's ever loved. By the look in her eyes, she might be more dangerous than the thugs shooting at him.  

DEA agent Alice Beggs lives in man's world, trying to get drug dealers off the streets. Spending her days proving she's "man enough" for the job, she craves being "woman enough" at night. The last thing she needs right now is the blast from the past who shattered her heart. But teaming up with Rory seems to be the only way to take down the drug-wielding bastards threatening the safety of their community. Letting down her guard and opening her heart is the deadliest challenge she's faced yet. Can Rory finally show her that he's truly found his match?  

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Defending Bridget, GHOST Book Five

Defending Bridget, GHOST Book Five

$17.99eBook: $4.99

A GHOST agent fighting the demons of their past.
An expert markswoman determined to save her son.
And the enemies hellbent on tearing them apart.

Needing an outlet from the pain of his past, Axel Dunbar finds salvation in the Army, fighting for his country. Now, eight years later, his strength and security comes as a GHOST agent, righting the wrongs of the world. He's used to getting down and dirty and cleaning up other people's messes, but when the latest mess is his own, everything changes.

Wounded veteran and expert markswoman Bridget Byrnes is a self-sufficient and strong single mother--even with enemies trying to throw her off her game. But running into the man who stole a piece of her heart years ago is more than she ever imagined. He's still the sexy, strong, and irresistible man she remembers. And this time, he's not going anywhere. With a madman hellbent on revenge, her life is in danger. Axel will do anything to DEFEND BRIDGET. 

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Moving On

Moving On

$17.99eBook: $3.99

After three long years in prison, LuAnn is walking out to a new life—with no job, no home, and no friends. Except Chase, but even then, she’s treated him like shit, too, so it would be a miracle if he gave her the time of day. Somehow she has to show him she’s a new woman with a clean slate—all she needs is a second chance. 

Chase finds himself faced with straddling two worlds. He loves his job and his coworkers after they helped him straighten up his life after he took a bad road. He’s hopeful for LuAnn’s return and wants to offer her the same opportunity, but considering she did time for trying to kill his boss’s wife and unborn child, there’s no way she’ll be welcome in his professional life.

How in the hell can he move them to 'Us' without losing the work family he owes his life to?

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When Emersyn Copeland was forced to abort a mission to save three children from certain harm, first she got mad – Now she’s getting even.

Bringing her colleagues along with her is a bonus. Bringing down the pedophiles and traffickers set to harm the innocent – well now, that’s a bonus.
The RAPTOR series is about nine wounded veterans highly retrained as special operatives. Nine unsuspecting would-be partners. Nine exciting stories that will have your hearts beating wildly and your fingers turning pages.
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